GoKids Childcare provides a safe and comforting environment where kids can learn to be kind to one another, love God, share with their peers, and have a great time with the best child care from our GoKids Staff! Take some time to look around our site, see what we provide, and find that GoKids is quality child care that strives to be the best for your children.

GoKids offers After School Care

We offer After School Care, in which we will provide transportation from most central Norman schools to our GoKids facility. At GoKids After School Care, your child has a safe place to hang out until you get off work. We offer space for kids to finish their homework while receiving help from our excellent staff, along with a playground, board games, video games, and a great place to interact with other school agers throughout Norman.

Please take the time to check out our site and see what all we can offer you!

If you are interested in GoKids Childcare, call +1 (405) 307-0977

GoKids Childcare